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Google Unveils Genie: A Groundbreaking AI Model Crafting Endless 2D Platformer Games

In a groundbreaking stride toward artificial intelligence (AI) innovation, Google has introduced Genie, an AI model designed to generate an infinite variety of 2D platformer video games autonomously. This latest addition to the AI landscape marks a significant leap in the realm of action-controllable world models.

Genie’s Unique Training Approach

Genie stands out as a distinctive model due to its training methodology. Trained exclusively on unsupervised video game data, Genie has undergone a learning process fueled by a colossal dataset of 200,000 hours of videos from 2D platformers. Tim Rocktäschel, Open-Endedness Team Lead at Google DeepMind, announced the development through a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), describing Genie as a “foundation world model” capable of generating diverse 2D worlds based on image prompts.

Importantly, Genie’s unique attribute lies in its specificity. Unlike other AI models, Genie is crafted to generate one specific thing – 2D video game levels. This distinct focus positions Genie as a pioneering force in the AI domain, and it currently holds the distinction of being the only publicly announced video game-generating model.

Technical Aspects and Model Architecture

While Genie is currently unavailable to the public and exists as a research model, a preprint version of the paper detailing its technical aspects has been made available online. The AI model boasts an impressive architecture comprising three integral components:

1. Spatiotemporal Video Tokenizer:

– This component processes video game footage, breaking it down into smaller datasets known as tokens.

– The term “spatiotemporal” indicates that the data is dissected in time and space, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the video game environment.

2. Autoregressive Dynamics Model:

– This model predicts future scenarios based on past performance.

– The dynamic model interprets how elements change and evolve, initiating the predictive analysis.

3. Latent Action Model:

– This part of Genie’s architecture comprehends the movements of playable characters within the video game world.

– The learned latent action space is diverse, consistent, and interpretable, allowing humans to discern semantically meaningful actions.

Genie’s Interpretability and Generalization

Rocktäschel emphasizes Genie’s interpretability, noting that humans quickly grasp a mapping to semantically meaningful actions, such as going left, right, or jumping. This signifies Genie’s prowess in generating 2D video game levels and understanding basic movements crucial for navigating real-world terrains.

Crucially, Genie’s capabilities extend beyond the confines of 2D gaming. Rocktäschel reveals that a Genie model was trained on robotics data (RT-1) without actions, demonstrating the ability to learn an action-controllable simulator in diverse domains. This versatility positions Genie as a promising step towards developing general world models for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

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Google’s Genie represents a significant advancement in AI, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in creating virtual environments. Genie’s unique capabilities pave the way for further innovations in autonomous world modeling and action-controllable simulations as the AI landscape continues to evolve.

Adobe’s AI Assistant Revolutionizes Document Experiences in Reader and Acrobat

Adobe, a global leader in digital solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature, the AI Assistant, in beta for its Reader and Acrobat applications. This move marks Adobe’s initial step toward transforming digital document experiences by integrating generative AI, offering a range of capabilities to enhance document intelligence.

Unlocking Document Intelligence with AI Assistant

The AI Assistant, deeply integrated into Acrobat workflows, harnesses the power of generative AI to provide users with advanced features beyond traditional document processing. This new tool is designed to generate summaries, answer questions instantly, and format information for effective sharing in emails, reports, and presentations.

Acrobat Liquid Mode Propels AI Assistant

Building on the success of Acrobat Liquid Mode, the AI Assistant leverages the same artificial intelligence and machine learning models. These models, recognized for their role in responsive reading experiences for PDFs on mobile devices, offer a deep understanding of PDF structure and content. This integration enhances the quality and reliability of AI Assistant outputs, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Immediate Value Delivery

Adobe’s AI Assistant implementation is user-friendly, requiring no complex setups. Users can start working with the new capabilities right away, experiencing the following key features:

1. AI Assistant:

– Recommends questions based on a PDF’s content.

– Answers questions through an intuitive conversational interface.

2. Generative Summary:

– Provides quick overviews of the content inside long documents in easy-to-read formats.

3. Intelligent Citations:

– Generates citations to verify the source of AI Assistant’s answers quickly.

4. Easy Navigation:

– Clickable links facilitate quick navigation in lengthy documents.

5. Formatted Output:

– Consolidates and formats information into top takeaways for various purposes, such as emails, presentations, and reports.

6. Respect for Customer Data:

– Adheres to data security protocols, ensuring customer document content is not stored or used for training AI Assistants without consent.

7. Beyond PDF:

– Works seamlessly with various document formats, including Word, PowerPoint, and meeting transcripts.

Innovating a Global Standard

With PDF being the repository for critical information globally, Adobe continues to innovate around this standard. Three decades after the invention of PDF, Acrobat remains the gold standard for reading, editing, and transforming PDFs. AI Assistant in Reader and Acrobat adheres to strict guardrails, ensuring users, from individuals to large enterprises, can confidently utilize the features.

Productivity for All

AI Assistant in Reader and Acrobat introduces a transformative element, converting lengthy documents into concise insights and actionable content. This functionality benefits a range of users, from project managers and sales teams to students and social media professionals, streamlining tasks and boosting productivity.

The Future of Intelligent Document Experiences

Today’s announcement represents the initiation of Adobe’s vision to leverage generative AI for reimagining the value of digital documents. The roadmap for AI Assistant includes plans for:

1. Insights Across Multiple Documents:

– Working across various documents, types, and sources to surface the most critical information.

2. AI-Powered Authoring, Editing, and Formatting:

– Simplifying document creation, generating drafts, and assisting with copy editing.

3. Intelligent Creation:

– Leveraging creative generative models to enhance documents.

4. AI-Supported Reviews:

– Streamline collaborative reviews with AI, analyze feedback, suggest changes, and resolve conflicting feedback.

Pricing and Availability

Upon the official release, Reader and Acrobat customers can access the full suite of AI Assistant capabilities through a new add-on subscription plan. During the beta phase, these features are available for Acrobat Standard and Pro Individual and Teams subscription plans on desktop and web in English. Reader desktop customers will receive the update in English over the next few weeks. Additional language support will follow, and a private beta is available for enterprise customers.

Adobe’s AI Assistant signifies a significant stride in the evolution of document processing, promising enhanced efficiency and a more intelligent approach to handling information within digital documents.

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