GPT Guard: Keep your ChatGPT Conversations Secure and Private

Unlock and freely use your data for AI and data analytics while safeguarding security and meeting privacy regulations

Get All the Benefits of ChatGPT Securely Without Sharing Sensitive Data!

Safely Complete Tasks Using AI:

No Compliance or Data Leak Worries

Write Securely and Privately

Generate different text formats such customer emails, summary, meeting notes, contracts etc., securely and privately

Privacy-Preserving Analysis

Analyze sensitive data such as customer surveys, support tickets, and employee feedback without sending personal data to LLMs

Secure Research

Conduct research in a safe and responsible manner. GPTGaurd secures data and protects privacy

Leakproof Chatbot for Your Tasks

Get answers to your questions, improving your productivity and reducing your workload without sacrificing security and privacy

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Protecto Technology

GPTGuard is powered by Protecto APIs: AI Understands Your Requests Safely, Without Accessing Sensitive Data


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Detect and mask PII
100 prompts /month
Limited PII masking
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/ user / month
Detect and mask PII, PCI, PHI
Unlimited Prompts
AD integration
Private  instance
Option to run private-cloud
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Try GPT Guard for free for 14 days

We take security and privacy seriously.